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FKPT Held an International Conference - 3rd ICASI 2020

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FKPT Held an International Conference - 3rd ICASI 2020

Forum Kerjasama Pendidikan Tinggi (FKPT) of Indonesia held The 3rd International Conference on Advance & Scientific Innovation (ICASI) at Garuda Plaza Hotel Medan, on Saturday, June 20th, 2020, after previously successfully implemented the same events on 2018 in Medan and on 2019 in Bande Aceh. As explained by the Head of the Committee, Robbi Rahim, M.Kom, there were 128 papers received by committee various countries. In his report, Robbi Rahim said that among 128 papers that were received by committee, only 76 papers accepted and being processed into next phase. &ldquoThe authors are Indonesia, Malaysia, Columbia, India, Japan, Iraq, and Iran&rdquo, he explained. So, the ratio of papers accepted was 59%.

On the circumstance, the Head of FKPT, Mesran, M.Kom officially open this International Seminar. He delivered his thanks to all committees and parties for their active participations. &ldquoI would like to deliver my highest appreciation to all committees for successfully implementing this ICASI 3. Thank you notes are also delivered to all authors who have entrusted FKPT to realize this amazing conference&rdquo, said Mr. Mesran. Moreover, Head of FKPT also uttered his appreciation to all the keynote speakers they are Prof. Mahyuddin K.M. Nasution, M.I.T, Ph.D University of North Sumatera, Indonesia, Dr. Thanawit Bunsit Thaksin University, Songkhla, Thailand, and Assoc. Prof. Dr. Shahrul Nizam Bin Yaakob University Malaysia Perlis, Malaysia.

Moreover, on the event, a welcoming speech was spoken by Muhammad Zubir bin Mohd Hanifah, Director of PSAS Malaysia. Meanwhile, the recitation of du&rsquoa was recited by Marzuki bin Sepiaail PSAS Malaysia in the opening of event.

Related to the fact that Medan is still in a Covid19 pandemic condition, the committee implemented the event by applying the health protocol established by the Indonesian Ministry of Health. The conference was held by using online media, Zoom Cloud Application. Acting as conference moderators were Benni Ichsanda Rahman (UINSU), Elsera Siemin Ciamas (Politeknik Cendana), and Wardayani (STIM Sukma). Moroever, parallel sessions were divided into four break rooms and each room was guided by one moderator. It was appointed as the room moderators were T.M. Diansyah (Universitas Harapan Medan), Jeperson Hutahaean (STMIK Royal Kisaran), Siti Aisyah (STIM Sukma), and Abdul Karim (AMIK Stiekom Sumatera Utara).

Meantime, the event was also attended by the board and other FKPT members, including Supriyanto (Head of the Board of Trustees), Dodi Siregar (Member of the Board of Trustees), Rahmat Hidayat, Sunday Ade Sitorus, Amril Anas and Joli Afriyani as the member of FKPT (dOs).


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